How can you be thankful during the holidays when the world looks so grim? Jesse Ventura says the world would be a better place if we brought our troops home.

The point is - don’t let them win, don’t let them change your lifestyle.Although your life may be disrupted, don’t let it be changed by what’s going on in the world. Your life doesn’t have to ultimately change.

If we want the news to be less grim, why won’t anyone entertain the thought of getting out of the Middle East? That’s the big problem -- us being there. They don’t want us there! So why do we insist on being there? I don’t get that part. Is it for the oil corporations? Is that it?

My heart goes out to the people of the Middle East.It affects Americans, because we are so involved in their affairs. People are getting killed over there, including our citizens, and we may be the catalyst causing a great deal of this.

My point is: every one of these radicals has made it clear that it is because of our presence in their lands. It’s always about us being there. So, get out of there! Christopher Columbus was willing to brave falling off the face of the Earth to avoid the Middle East, why won’t we?

I heard Senator Angus King discuss the same thing, saying, Why are we doing most of the fighting? Saudi Arabia has one of the most powerful militaries in the Middle East and in the world, and they’re happy to give us a little bit of support and hold our coats, while the U.S. fights for them. That’s got to end. 

We spent $1.7 trillion and accomplished nothing. Do people think these bombs are free? One airstrike costs around $500K!

What interests do we have that we’d commit our young men and women to go over there and die for them? Call me stupid, but tell me I’m not enlightened, or tell me that I’m being lied to.

So what is the big purpose of the U.S. being in the Middle East? There must be something more than they’re telling us. And that’s the same as lying to us.

- Jesse Ventura


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