Redacted pages, government cover-ups, and a track record of lying. Jesse Ventura still questions who perpetrated the worst terrorist attack in the United States’ history.

I don’t know who was behind the September 11th attacks. I know the “official story,” and I know that as far as I’m concerned, the official story has a lot of holes in it and things that don’t add up.That in turn leads me to be skeptical.

I don’t have the information to tell you who was behind it. But I do question it. And I question it, because my government withholds information from me, like the 28 redacted pages of their own report that we, the taxpayers, paid for.

I’ve never placed the blame on anyone in particular. But I’ve said there is a lot to question. It could have very well been an inside job, but you couldn’t go into court and prove it with the information we have now, because so much is withheld from us. That’s the norm -- anything they don’t want you to know, they put under national security and it’ll lay away for fifty years, until after we’re all dead. And those left alive aren’t nearly as concerned with the finding out the truth.

My government has lost all credibility with me because of their bad track record when it comes to lying. They lie all the time, and it is generally political, so why would I believe their official story?

- Jesse Ventura


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