UPDATE to this story: Turns out, the list released on Saturday that named senators and mayors among those affiliated with the KKK was in fact NOT released by Anonymous, or so the group now claims.

UPDATE: As reported by Raw Story, Anonymous denies it has any connection to the list of names published Saturday on the website Pastebin. Most of the politicians included on the list—four Republican senators, four Democratic mayors and a Republican mayor—have also denied the claims.This is what we know, as reported by Maxim:

[Anonymous] reportedly released an (unverified) list of 57 phone numbers and 23 email addresses on the website Pastebin allegedly corresponding to the identities of several KKK members, according to the Huffington Post. While this data dump seems to deliver on the collective's original threat to unmask Klan members, media outlets are instead fixating on a second, different Pastebin list that includes the names of four U.S. senators and five city mayors that, it alleges, have connections to the Klan.

Stay with me here. There are two lists. Only one was released by Anonymous, and as far as we know, it does not contain the names of any major political figures at all. But the second Pastebin entry, released by longtime KKK foeAmped Attacks, led to a bunch of erroneous headlines about how Anonymous just outed a bunch of racist politicians.

Newsweek reports that "there is no evidence immediately apparent that confirms" the list that contains the politicians is accurate. The posting user is identified as "Amped Attacks."

The details, which include several dozen emails and phone numbers have not been verified or confirmed by the KKK. The source of this information is still unknown.

Amped Attacks admitted on Twitter that he/she/it/they are not affiliated with Anonymous.

So the list exposing KKK members is still to come:

“Today we have shut down servers, gotten personal information on members of the KKK, and infiltrated your twitters and websites,” Anonymous said in a release on Sunday “And this is just the beginning. On November the 4th we will be having a twitter storm, spreading awareness about the operation. And on the 5th we shall release more than 1000 Ku Klux Klan members Names and websites, new and old.”

A well known KKK-affiliated twitter account suggested a possible "anti-Anonymous" march for November 5 to counter the hackers march.

In videos posted to their Facebook page, Anonymous confirms "2 days to go" on releasing the names of the members of the KKK or affiliated groups.

So what do you think? Is the list of Senators and Mayors a hoax? Is this an attempt to discredit the real list that comes out on Nov. 5th? Who posted it and why?

Sound off below! 

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