Off The Grid’s Alex Logan reveals another case of political gameplay involving the Wisconsin Governor that no one is talking about.

Some politicians want you to believe that voter fraud is rampant in our country by creating obstacles and requirements that do nothing more than make voting more difficult.

But if you look at the statistics, the worse problem is voter turnout. November 2014 had the worst voter turnout in 72 years.  Nationally, only 36% of eligible voters participated.  And the highest nationwide voter turnout in the past 100 years was 1960, when about 63% of the country showed up to elect John F. Kennedy to Commander in Chief.

If people aren’t going to show up on their own accord, should we look at an option like Australia's compulsory voting, where you are fined $20 if you don’t show up to vote and voter turnaround is around 85%?

Let’s turn our attention to why -- one factor could be state governments’ campaigns to suppress voters by enacting I.D. laws.

Wisconsin recently tried to fight Governor Scott Walker’s strict voter I.D. law that was enacted in 2011.  Despite the ACLU’s best efforts to “add additional kinds of identification to its short list,” Federal District Court Lynn Adelman wrote in his decision, “The state had to draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable forms of id somewhere.”

The ACLU lawsuit represented “a formerly homeless army veteran, several technical college students [with out-of-state IDs], and an elderly voter who couldn’t access her birth certificate.”  And ACLU Voting Rights Director Dale Ho released in his statement following the decision, “It’s unconscionable that even veterans, who have so valiantly served our country, can’t use their government-issued IDs under this law.”

After this law passed in 2011, Governor Walker closed ten offices that issued ids in order to expand hours elsewhere -- which one democratic lawmaker noted that he was clearly “targeting offices for closure in democratic areas and expanding hours for those in republican districts.”

Despite public outcry in Wisconsin, the exact same thing happened in Alabama!  In 2014, a voter ID law passed in the state, and later, “every single county in which blacks make up more than 75% of registered voters [saw] their [driver’s] license office closed. Every one.”

Despite almost no voter fraud being found in Alabama -- even after a $1,000 reward was put up for anyone with information that led to a conviction -- Republican lawmakers assured us this has nothing to do with suppressing the people who often vote Democrat.

What do you think, vigilant viewers: is this about protecting us from voter fraud?  Sound off below!


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