Reflecting on My Brief, But Triumphant, Return to Off the Grid

To quote Michael Corleone, “Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!”

With a heavy heart, I left Off The Grid in November 2014 after Season One, but I was elated to come back in September 2015 to finish out the Second Season. We hit the ground running, and transitioning into my old spot in the Command Center was as easy as getting back on a bike -- or hopping on a motorcycle as it sped by at 75 miles per hour.

Again, I learned so much from working with Jesse, Jen, Ben, and the Off The Grid team. Despite the deck ultimately being stacked against us, we flourished for nearly four months of ridiculous field pieces, astounding investigations into dark money politics, and of course, our live-tweeting coverage of the cavalcade of DNC and GOP debates.

Here is a selection of the highlights from my return to Off The Grid...

5. Would Socialism Be Bad for America? Jesse Ventura on the Dirtiest Word in U.S. Politics

To paraphrase the Governor,You need a balance of capitalism and socialism to make America work. I believe this wholeheartedly. We’re the richest country in the world, so there is literally no reason -- but out-and-out greed or selfishness -- to not take care of those in need. If we lift up those on the other side of the scale, we benefit those on the other side. All ships rise in the tide. That’s why I agree with Jesse: the United States can use a shot of socialism.


4. Fear & Loathing in Bern Vegas: On the Grid at the DNC Debate

Well, I had better be proud of this one since it’s all me (and I put up the cash for the trip). In the spirit of journalistic integrity, and since we had already covered the GOP Debate, the team felt we should venture to the high stakes land of Las Vegas for the Democratic Debate. The food was definitely better at the Wynn, but the bullshit unfortunately stayed the same. At least the drinks were cheap and plentiful.


3. What Grade Would Jesse Ventura Give Saint Ronnie Reagan?

This is very personal one for me, mainly because I got to discuss the plethora of punk music that spawned during Reagan’s Reign of Terror. I also wanted to nail to the wall a man who has been deified by the Grand Old Party when -- all things considered -- he wouldn’t agree with what they now preach.

Just like God and Jesus before him, the conservative right wing does so much in the names of those three men that I’m sure if they could actually rise from their graves, they would want to put a stop to all of it. But such is the canonization of a man who needed nor deserved no saintly title.


2. Conceal & Carry Without a Permit: Do We Need to Change the Second Amendment?

Here’s where the Governor and I don’t agree. The Second Amendment is too lax. When I read “well regulated militia” in the Bill of Rights, I interpret that as gun owners who are trained, careful and… well… regulated! At least to some degree. But these loopholes in the law allow Americans to stockpile more weapons than they could ever need or use for protection, or whatever else they’re planning.

People don’t need mini arsenals in their homes. Americans have proven time and again that they can’t be trusted with these weapons. Read any or all of the statistics (the ones not provided by the NRA). We’re a country that is obsessed with guns and don’t know how to use them.

And I have heard your arguments about guns being our last defense against tyranny. Well, the government has been overrun by tyrants who ruined the economy, took away your rights, locked you down, and spy on your every movement. When are you and your guns going to do something about it?


1. On The Grid at the CNN Debates: Alex Logan Versus the GOP's Big Day

“Trumpity Trump!”

This was the most fun I had all year. Jesse was right to ask, How the hell did they let us into the debates? I still have no idea, but it was a helluva ride! I am truly proud of every dumb joke in this piece.


BONUS: Senate Unveiling a Cheney Statue: Jesse Ventura Is Bringing His Sledgehammer

I would be remiss if I didn’t include one of our Chickenhawk Cheney rants. When I first read this article, my eyes lit up; I could not wait to tell the Governor about it. I don’t derive pleasure from adding stress or sorrow to anyone’s life, but there was no way in hell that I wasn’t getting Jesse fired up about this disgusting display by our government. I mean, come on! A statue of Dick Cheney! In Emancipation Hall?!? Give me a fucking break!


Well, that’s all for me. We’ll meet again. Sometime soon. I don’t know when. Until then, follow me on Twitter, @Pun_Control. And thank you so much for supporting us in our quest to hold the government’s feet to the fire.

- Vigilant Producer Alex Logan


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