It ain’t easy to pick a “Best Of” from a year as bad as 2015…

Let’s cut right through the bullshit, here are the Governor’s Top Five Favorite Episodes of Off The Grid!

5. Who Shot JFK? Jesse Ventura Investigates Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories

As I have done extensive research into the assassination of John F. Kennedy, I was able to school my Vigilant Producer Alex Logan on some gaps in his knowledge of the crime of the century. We may never know definitively who shot JFK… but we can all agree, Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t the man behind the murder.


4. War on Work: Jesse Ventura and Mike Rowe Tackle the Jobs Crisis

There’s a war on work! So I discussed solutions to the unemployment situation with an expert in the field of jobs -- both dirty and not -- Mike Rowe. I admire Mike’s no bullshit approach, even when he’s telling the terrifying tale of a broken pipe filling everything with shit.


3. Can You Keep the U.S. Safe Without Invading Our Privacy?

What Would Jesse Ventura Do, you ask? Well, I’d ensure the NSA put an end to their spying immediately. Because they know when you’re tweeting, they know when you’re awake, so you best not be a terrorist for goodness sake!


2. 9 Questions for the 9/11 Commission!

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie. How can we trust an official report when the government redacted 28 pages of it?! And that’s just the beginning! I sound off on my numerous doubts about 9/11 from my extensive research into the biggest conspiracy of the last 25 years.


1. Prosecute Bush and Cheney! The Real Reasons George and Dick Belong Behind Bars

I bet none of you, Vigilant Viewers, saw this one coming. What would a list of my favorite episodes be without my favorite punching bags in the Number One Spot! Oh, the material that George and Dick have given us from their eight years they ran the free world… and ran it into the ground! This is my favorite episode as I stand by every bit of the message! It’s time we put those war criminals in the slammer.

I’d like to thank all of the Vigilant Viewers for sticking with Off The Grid over the past two years. And as always, Stay Vigilant!

- Jesse Ventura


What were your favorite episodes of 2015? Sound off below!



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