Many people were not happy after the New York Post released a second version of its paper with a more inflammatory headline. 

After the most recent mass shooting in San Bernardino California, The New York Post released a headline about the situation which has been making waves across the country. Although the headline was originally “MURDER MISSION”, they changed their mind and decided to release an edition with large bold text on the front saying, “MUSLIM KILLERS”. Many see this as an act of Islamophobia which perpetuates the persecution of a group of people in this country who had nothing to do with the shooting. People have been taking to Twitter and Facebook to speak out against the headline. After mass shootings carried out by Christians, for which there have been many, there were no major headlines including the fact that the killer was a Christian. Muslims across the country are speaking out, saying that they should not have to suffer because of what this couple did. Many believe that we need to be having a discussion about the state of Islamophobia in the United States and hold the media accountable for the role they play.

According to Salon, there are between 600,000 and 1 million Muslims living in New York City where the paper circulates. The New York Post was also forced to reach a settlement with the innocent muslims they accused of carrying out the Boston Bombings.

Murder Mission Tweet

Robert McCaw, government affairs department manager for the Council on American-Islamic Relations' national chapter, told Mic, "It's despicable,I think it's the lowest common denominator of fear-mongering to change their front page to 'Muslim Killers,'" he added. "It endangers the Muslim community and it seeks to legitimize anti-Muslim hysteria."

He said that the Paris attacks caused a rise in violence and threats against American Muslims. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has since received a much higher number of American Muslims calling to report being targeted.

Farhan Khan Virk, a Muslim social and political activist in Pakistan, also spoke with Mic and said he was left speechless by the headline. "The people who shot the victims are psychopaths," he said. "In the history of the U.S.A. there have been so many Christian shooters, but you never see a newspaper cover which says 'Christian Killers.' You are isolating the entire community."

-Bronte P.


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