Clint Eastwood, the director the box office hit “American Sniper,” had a few words to share in regards to the controversy surrounding his film. 

Mind you, they were just a few…but sometimes a few words can speak volumes.

What does Clint Eastwood think of the well-publicized criticisms his film has received from certain personalities on the left side of the political fence?  His answer may shock you. 

To recap what the critics said:
Michael Moore provided some hotly debated remarks on the film earlier in January, in which he called out Eastwood for getting “Vietnam and Iraq confused in his storytelling.”  Bill Maher also took aim on his own show, chiding audiences for embracing a “psychopathic patriot” (his words, not ours, nor Jesse’s).

Just recently, a TMZ reporter caught Eastwood on camera following his exit from a popular local LA restaurant. The reporter made sure to ask Eastwood what he thought about Michael Moore and Bill Maher’s criticisms of American Sniper.  

Clint Eastwood’s plain response – before shutting the door to his car – was none other than, “They’re right.”

Was this a serious answer?  Was he kidding?  Or was it just to get the reporters off his back?

Only Clint Eastwood knows.

-Ben M., The Off The Grid Team

Watch Jesse sound off on American Sniper below:

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