ISIS has released another video featuring the mass beheading of Egyptian Christians. Egypt's military is swift with their retaliation.

When I was 11 years old, I remember sitting in my history class and learning about events like the Holocaust, genocides, and world wars. I thought to myself, “wow, I’m so glad all that is over and it doesn’t happen anymore.” Clearly I was very naïve.

This past Sunday, I went to bed in a horrified state of mind after having read the news of another ISIS beheading. I was a child sitting in my history class once again, except the horrors I read about, were now happening all around me.

After the video was uploaded, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi addressed the country Sunday night, vowing that there would be revenge, “Egypt preserves the right to respond, with the appropriate manner and timing, in order to carry out retribution on those killers and criminals who are stripped of the most basic of human values,” Mr. Sisi said.

Egypt’s military did not waste any time with their retaliation. They attacked ISIS Monday morning. David D. Kirkpatrick of the New York Times writes:

In a statement Monday morning, the Egyptian military said that it had conducted airstrikes at dawn against training camps and arms depots of the Islamic State group in Libya, but it did not provide further details. The Foreign Ministry said that Egyptian warplanes had struck Derna, a town in eastern Libya that is a hub of Islamist militancy. It is also close to the Egyptian border, well within the range of the jets.

The airstrikes are a dramatic escalation of Egypt’s role in the continuing battle between armed factions in Libya for control of the country. With the backing of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt has worked covertly to support a Libyan general who is fighting to take back the capital and much of the coast from a rival coalition of militia groups, some of which are made up of Islamist extremists.

The Egyptian military also said in the statement that the strikes were “retribution and response to the criminal acts of terrorist elements and organizations inside and outside the country.”

“We stress that revenge for the blood of Egyptians, and retribution from the killers and criminals, is a right we must dutifully enforce,” the statement said.

It seems like everything happening in the world today is like a page ripped out of the darkest parts of our history books. Future generations will now have to learn about the horrors that we’re living today. Hopefully they will be better than us and will learn to stop the cycle from repeating once again. 

-Saher K, The Off The Grid Team


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