Nick Rubin is only 17 years old and created Greenhouse, a browser extension that helps people easily follow the money trail in politics and fight corruption.


1) He created an app that allows easy access to campaign contribution information, and he’s only 17!

“Greenhouse is a free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, that works on laptops and desktops by highlighting the names of members of Congress on any webpage. All you do is hover your mouse over those names and a pop up box appears that lists their total contributions, small donor contributions, top ten industry donors, and a little badge, indicating whether that candidate supports campaign finance reform.” -Nick Rubin

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2) He’s interested in politics even though he’s not old enough to vote.

“I can’t even vote yet so I’m no politics master. I tend to focus on the issues that I care about like the influence of money in politics rather than politics as a whole because politics can get pretty confusing.” -Nick Rubin


3) When he saw a problem in Congress; he actually did something about it.

“I saw a problem. Sources about funding for members of Congress wasn’t easily accessible to citizens when they needed it. So I taught myself how to code and created Greenhouse to put that data where it’s most relevant—on websites where people read about the action or inaction of members of Congress every day.” -Nick Rubin

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4) He understands the importance of being vigilant.

“Everyone has a voice. People really can and should use theirs to make change on issues they care about. For example on an issue like money in politics, where 90% of Americans and people from both ends of the political spectrum support reform, people must use their vote to take our government back from special interests.” -Nick Rubin


5) He knows that change begins with your vote.

“People may think that their single vote won’t be enough to make change but when used together with many others it can be an incredibly powerful force. I believe in people and their ability to make the right decisions if they’re given the right information." -Nick Rubin

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6) And he knows the importance of getting involved at a young age.

“Even though young teens my age may not be able to vote, we can still get involved by programming, volunteering, blogging, etc.”-Nick Rubin

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Keep doing what you’re doing Nick! We can’t wait to see your name on the ballot in 2033!

-Saher K, Off The Grid Team


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