If the state you're living in ranks 48th in the nation in regards to education, you would think that history classes would be an integral part of that state's school system.In the case of Oklahoma, it's quite the opposite.

Oklahoma House Republicans on the Common Education Committee voted last Tuesday to ban advanced placement US courses because they think it shows “what is bad about America” and fails to teach “American exceptionalism.” Well it sounds like Oklahoma doesn't want to settle with 48th place and instead strive for dead last.To them, history isn't about teaching facts, it's about brainwashing.

If history teachers across America were to banish everything “bad” about this country from our classrooms, what would be left to give lessons on? No longer could we talk about the three-fifths compromise. Jim Crow? Nope! How about the Genocide of Native Americans. Not a chance. Okay, I've got one, McDonalds. You've got to be kidding me. All we'd have is maybe Neil Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and the snuggie.

But National Republicans seem to agree with what the Okies are doing here when it comes to focusing too much on “bad” history. Republicans in Arizona have already banned ethnic studies in public schools. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker wants to cut 300 million from his public university system, as does Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal.

They've also blocked Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren's bill to lend college students loans at a lower interest rate. And to top it off Senator Marco Rubio currently opposes President Obama's plan to make community college free. All of the latest actions by the nation's republicans are only punishing the really smart kids because those are the ones trying to earn a few extra history credits on the cheap before shelling out the big bucks to receive them in college.

Republicans' efforts to ditch the ugly past and replace it with a clean, bright and shiny one is completely un-American. It's holding the nation's children's futures hostage by refusing them the opportunity to learn both the good and bad. It may secure future votes but does not help anyone learn.

If you're as outraged as I am over this ridiculous ruling, let us know! Also, check out Jesse below going off on another topic surrounding the nation's faltering education system. 

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