The Governor calls out the 47 Senators who clearly attempted to sabotage President Obama’s efforts to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran. 

I’m outraged over these 47 Republican senators and their signed letter to Iran.  I don’t recall any body of our government sidelining our own president to negotiate with another foreign government.  One that’s supposedly our enemy, as we’ve been told Iran is.  Iran was on George W. Bush’s list of the “evildoers.”  And these 47 Senators band together, then send a letter to this enemy of the United States of America.

As a mayor and a governor, I’ve served in the executive branch.  There’s great disdain in the legislative branch for people who step out of their jurisdiction and act in a capacity way beyond what they’re supposed to.  The executive branch is supposed to take care of all these issues.  That’s the way we’re set up to do it.I‘d like to see them investigate whether these guys violated the Logan Law or not.

Personally, I’m way more concerned about this issue than I am Hillary Clinton’s emails.

What do you guys think?  Did you sign the petition

-Jesse Ventura 


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