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Denny Barnes from California asks: Why are our young people (soldiers) so willing to follow the orders of politicians into illegal wars?Why don’t they stand up in masses, object, refuse and protest those orders?

Jesse says:

I’ll make the assumption that you’ve never been to boot camp, Denny.

When you go in the military, you sign a contract that you will obey the commander in chief, which is the President of the United States.He is the civilian commander and chief of the military.He’s the one, along with congress, that’s supposed to send us to war.You’ve a contract stating that you will support whatever decision that commander in chief makes.

Then, you go to boot camp.What happens to you in boot camp is they break you down.They break you down to nothing and they reconstruct you into what they want.That’s a soldier, a sailor, or an airman who will defend this country.You can’t have any doubt about it.It is not the responsibility of the soldier, sailor, or airman to speak out against the war.

That’s your job Denny, and it’s mine.It’s vigilant citizens like us.We’re supposed to keep our military out of harms way.Our military does not have the luxury to make those decisions because, when it comes to a time of war, they cannot question who, what, when, or why.

Theirs is simply to do or die, theirs is not to reason “Why?”


Aurora Litspey from Colorado asks: Is there any way (petition, ballot, other) that we could demand Congress to reinvestigate 9/11 again with actual non-political experts?

Jesse says:

I’d love to see it.A lot of people would love to see it, but don’t hold your breath.It aint gonna happen.

They weren’t even going to investigate it at all.George Bush simply told us what happened, and there was going to be no investigation whatsoever.Until many of the family members who lost loved ones said, “Bullshit.We want to know.We demand an investigation.”

Then, it became political football.That’s the only reason George Bush had an investigation in the first place.It wasn’t by his doing or choice.He was politically pressured into it.The only way there will be a re-investigation into 9/11 is if maybe the redacted pages become “unredacted.”Then we’ll get to see if and how the Saudis allegedly financed these hijackers.

That changes the whole scope, doesn’t it?Because we had a president named George W. Bush who was very tight with the Saudis.In fact, the day after the Pentagon was hit, he was having dinner with Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi Ambassador.Michael Moore commonly calls him “Bandar Bush,” a new son to the Bush family.

They flew all the Saudis and bin Ladens out of the country after it happened.Never even bothered to bring them in, interrogate them, and ask them questions about what they might know.No, they were covered up and shuttled out of the country as quick as can be to hide 9/11.

So yes, I would love to see a new 9/11 investigation.I’d love to see a real one, but it ain’t gonna happen.


Pablo Vespasiano from Colorado asks: “Why haven't all the parties involved in torture been prosecuted? Why hasn't the president pressed charges for these war crimes?”

Jesse says:

You’re question, Pablo, is an excellent one.Why not?

Notice how quickly they swept it right under the rug.Notice how the Republicans are back to Benghazi.Notice how Dick Cheney said it was a bunch of “phooey.”War crimes are a bunch of “phooey?”I’d expect as much from a guy who received five deferments and didn’t have the courage to serve his country like “Five Deferments” Dick.

It should be brought out.We need to know about the torture.We need to clean-up our own backyard before we can ever hold our head high again on an internationally-level.I know this because I live outside the country.I wish that American people could see the United States from the outside looking in as opposed to the inside looking out.

It would open their minds up a little bit too.They might ask a few more questions.


Dominik Skupina from Nevada asks: “What is your opinion about FEMA concentration camps in USA? Should we worry about next holocaust?”

Jesse says:

I don’t know but we discovered them on “Conspiracy Theory.”I got read-off on the Congressional floor for doing it.We found these FEMA camps that they had built -- about half a dozen of them.When you look at the pictures, we compared a photo of the German concentration camps to FEMA’s.They looked like twins.

Yes, we ought to be worried about them.I’ll tell you why: the barbed wire.As simple as that.If barbed wire is neutral, it goes straight up and down.If it’s to keep people on the outside from getting in, the barbed wire should be slanted toward the outside.If it’s to keep people on the inside from escaping, then the barbed wire will be slanted inward.At the FEMA camp we looked at, the barbed wire was slanted inward.

In other words, it was there to keep you in there. Not to keep people out.


Lebron Estrada from Tennessee writes: “What can I do to help support your presidency for 2016? And who will you vote for, if anybody?”

Jesse says:

Vote for me if I decide to run.I guess that’s all you’d ask any American citizen to do.If you decided to run, you ask for their vote.It’s that simple.Then it’s up to them to decide whether they want to give you that vote or not.

Who will I vote for in 2016?I can guarantee you this: it will not be a Democrat or Republican.I never vote for them.I am a true independent, and a true independent does not vote for Democrats or Republicans.

So rest assured of that.

-Jesse Ventura

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