Edward Snowden calls governments out.

Whistleblower, Edward Snowden says mass surveillance hasn't stopped terrorist acts from happening in the past and it probably never will.  Snowden recently called out the Australian government for a policy it proposed to log and keep two years worth of metadata on its citizens in order to watch them.  The problem with that Snowden says, is that mass surveillance isn't meant to protect citizens, it's only meant to watch them.  

News.Com.Au reported that in Snowden's talk, 

"He referenced both the Sydney siege and Charlie Hedbo attacks, noting that the attackers in both incidents were known to governments already."

According to Vice, Snowden defends spying as long as it is being used in a purposeful way, which he says mass surveillance isn't. He says, 

"Spying has benefits [like] giving governments information on everything from trade negotiations to foreign militaries.  Some of these things are valuable, and you want to retain them...but you have to have this debate in public."

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