March Madness begins today.  Student athletes won't make a dime off of it.  But the NCAA certainly will.  In 2012 alone, TV ad earnings were reported to be more than $1 Billion.  Will this billion dollar venture ever give some of this change to its star athletes?

It’s the business of making money at the expense of student athletes. If the student athlete gets hurt, they’re not even protected by workers comp.  He’s considered a student athlete and they wont allow him to be an employee.  So they lose on both ends.

I think it’s a shameful exploitation of our young athletes.  Yes, they do get an education at the college, but we’ve also discovered that that can even be fraudulent. They don’t really have to go to classes and are passed through anyway.

Why?  The all-mighty dollar.  Money talks, bullshit walks.  Especially with the NCAA and March Madness.  They make a billion dollars and the athletes get zip.

-Jesse Ventura

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