By law, Colorado residents can use rain water, but they can't keep it.

According to the Associated Press, using a rain barrel to collect unlimited amounts of rain water is illegal in Colorado...because by law, residents can use rain water, but they can't keep (or store) it. I'm not even 100 percent sure what that means.

Today, the Colorado House has voted to end this ban. 

If the new rain barrel bill passes, residents will be able to legally collect up to 110 gallons.

Strange that you wouldn't be able to collect more, as long as you're collecting it on your property...but Colorado law states water that runs on or through property (or comes from the clouds in the sky) is owned by the state. 

So does Colorado also own the clouds, from which the water comes? 

The Colorado House approved the rain barrel bill, 45-20, and sent it to the Senate. I'd be very interested in hearing the justification of those 20 people who voted against this. 

- Jen H., The Off The Grid Team

Can't store rainwater that falls on your property because the government owns it? One more reason to live #OffTheGrid!

Watch this episode of "Off The Grid" to find out from the Governor himself about the virtues of a life free of government intervention and tracking:

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