Edward Snowden has slammed USA, UK and Australian governments, calling for them to stop “weaseling their way out” by calling mass surveillance “bulk collecting.”

We’re the bosses.  We’re being watched by our employees.  Where in the world do employees watch the bosses?

Let's wake up America.  They operate the government off your money, so YOU'RE THE BOSS.  I don’t want my money spent on putting me under surveillance.  I don’t need to be under surveillance.  I’m supposed to live in the freest country in the world, where there shouldn’t be any surveillance.

It starts with that rotten Patriot Act -- what I like to call the “Treason Act.”  Get rid of that, and you get rid of a great deal of surveillance.  Good luck getting rid of it though, because Democrats and Republicans want you under surveillance for the rest of your life.  

They want you to believe that they’re the bosses, not you.

-Jesse Ventura

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