Only 37% of Americans say they view the GOP favorably in Gallup’s latest poll, while just 39% say they view the Democratic Party favorably.  This marks a new low point for both the DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans since Gallup began tracking public perception of political parties back in 1992.

I think they’re opening the door for Jesse Ventura to run for president.

These two parties continue to become more and more unpopular.   Would my popularity trump theirs?   Would it be possible for me to run?   I like the idea of challenging the American people to elect the first president since George Washington who does not belong to one of these political parties.

These two parties are definitely opening the door for me.  They're alienating everybody.  I don’t blame the American people.  It’s a good sign.  It shows that the American people are waking up to the two party dictatorships.  It shows that the American people are understanding that neither party has our best interests in mind.

For Republicans and Democrats alike, it’s their political party that comes first.  Money comes second.  Then, we the people, MIGHT come in third.

-Jesse Ventura

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