Nothing! Here are ten reasons why.

Robert D. Gorgoglione Sr. wrote a piece we found via The Independent American Party website, titled, "Ten Reasons Why There is No Difference Between the Democrat & Republican Parties." With all of the 2016 presidential contenders making candidacy announcements, we thought we'd share 10 reasons why you shouldn't vote for either of the two parties. So here you go:

1.Both parties voted for the Federal Reserve central banking System. 

2.Both parties voted for the Communist Graduated Income Tax (16th Amendment). 

3. Both parties voted for ending the representation of the Sovereign States in the U.S. Senate thus destroying the Constitutional checks and balances of power between the Federal & State Governments (17th Amendment). 

4.Both parties voted for a declaration of war against Germany (WW I). 

5.Both parties voted for FDR’s Socialistic “New Deal” by voting for multiple socialist and unconstitutional legislative acts. 

6.Both parties voted for freezing all trade with Japan while freezing all her assets in the U.S. These acts led to the attack on Pearl Harbor & WW II. 

7.Both parties voted for our coming under the control of the Communist controlled United Nations and gradually ending our National Sovereignty. This also forced us into no-win wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan and Iraq etc. None of these nations were a threat to the U.S. 

8.Both parties voted for The Patriot Act, The Dep. of Homeland Security and the TSA & NSA. Etc. 

9.Both parties voted for numerous and endless gun control laws. 

10. Both parties voted for The Environmental Protection Agency and The War on Drugs, both of which have eviscerated the 4th Amendment etc. 

AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON INTO INFINITY!!!!!!! If you do not want MORE OF THE SAME, DO NOT VOTE for Republican and Democrat candidates!

Thank you Robert D. Gorgoglione Sr. for creating this list. For an in depth historical analysis that supports these claims, click here

-By Brigida S., The Off the Grid Team

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