Obama visited an Air Force base outside Salt Lake City recently to highlight a new program that trains veterans to size and install solar panels on their military compounds, in the hopes of imparting skills applicable to a rapidly growing sector of the economy. As part of its efforts combating climate change, the White House has worked to promote solar energy as a cleaner source than burning fossil fuels. Obama installed solar panels on the White House roof, and last month toured a similar set-up at the Department of Energy.

How about this: We need to pass a federal law that all new houses must be equipped with solar. It’s as simple as that.

If we can spend 1.7 trillion dollars going to war since 2001, we can take some of that money and start making us energy independent. First place to start would be going solar. Every new home in America should be equipped with solar panels to defray some of the use of all the other energy sources that put carbon in the air.

It’s a smart move, but we need to take it farther. We need to be sterner with it, harsher with it, and insist that less money be spent on war. 

-Jesse Ventura

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