'Major hypocrisy': US govt-funded agency admits marijuana can kill cancer cells, RT America reports.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse, a U.S. federal government research institute, updated their website this month. The research institute, whose mission includes "bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction," officially admitted that marijuana extracts can kill cancer cells:

"Recent animal studies have shown that marijuana extracts may help kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others," the website states.

The website also states: "Evidence from one cell culture study suggests that purified extracts from whole-plant marijuana can slow the growth of cancer cells from one of the most serious types of brain tumors."

RT America reports that twenty-three U.S. states have "legalized marijuana in some capacity, while an additional 12 have legalized limited medical use of non-psychoactive cannabis extracts." 

An additional four states and the District of Columbia have also legalized recreational marijuana. 

However, the federal government still bans marijuana use, even though a government research agency just admitted its medical benefits.

Talk about major hypocrisy! 

Jesse Ventura weighs in on the medical benefits of marijuana in this #OffTheGrid video: 

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