“You’re not here for the death of Freddie Gray!” protesters in Baltimore yelled at Fox News reporters, including Geraldo Rivera.

The protesters continue to swarm the streets, demanding “Justice for Freddie Gray!” In spite of their efforts, they felt the mainstream media was biased in their coverage.

One protester rushed Rivera and called him out, along with his notoriously-biased employer, Fox News.

Watch it for yourself in this video

Geraldo tries to dodge the confrontation, but a young man on the scene persisted and keeps calling him out.

“You want to report that we’re thugs and breaking shit down!”

“I want you and Fox News to get out of Baltimore City, because you’re not here reporting about the boarded up homes and the homeless people under MLK,” he continued. “You’re not reporting about the poverty levels up and down North Avenue.”

He asked further where Fox was during the 300 Man March, noting that Fox only turned out to catch a glimpse of anecdotes of destruction.

Last night, State Senate Majority Leader Catherine Pugh asked Geraldo and Fox News to leave the protests because he was "just inciting people" and broadly painting people of the community as “vandals.”

Pugh added that “The people don't want trouble. We want our people to go home, but we want the media to move back...if we allow people to move quietly to their neighborhoods, they will do that...I'm asking you all in the media to turn the lights off, so that they can go home."  You can watch the video here.

What do you think? Is the media looking for hype? Are they purposely reporting the worst? Possibly inciting people to riot for ratings? Or are they covering the situation in Baltimore fairly?

Jesse Ventura weighs in on this #OffTheGrid clip:

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