Police have handed their Freddie Gray investigative files over to prosecutors a day earlier than planned.

USA Today reports that the Baltimore police department turned over its investigative findings to the state's attorney today, a day ahead of schedule. The findings will not be immediately released to the public.

However, a new development into the death of Freddie Gray has been disclosed. According to CNN, there was an additional stop in the police transport van between the time he was arrested and the time he arrived at the police department. 

There has been much unrest in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray. Riots and looting broke out on Monday, but people in the community have been working together to maintain peace. 

Robert Valentine, a Vietnam veteran, was one of those people trying to keep the peace. He stood between police and rioters to stop the violence Monday night:

After the city-wide curfew was put in place on Tuesday, peaceful protests prevailed. Community leaders joined together to implore protesters to go home at 10 pm, in accordance with the curfew. They also worked together to clean up the city, after looters vandalized and destroyed businesses and property.

In the past couple of days, there have been conflicting reports of the Crips and Bloods calling a truce. The Baltimore police department stated the truce was to "take out" cops during the protests and the truce was taken as a "credible threat" against the agency. 

However, several local and national publications spoke to members of both gangs to find out that this isn't true. Mother Jones reports several gang members claimed they called a truce to help protect the community.

At an event in a local church shown in a Baltimore Sun video, a man named Charles, who said he was a member of the Crips, wrapped his arm around a self-described Bloods member named Jamal to call for an end to riots over the death of Freddie Gray. There have been similar selfies seen on twitter - with Crips and Bloods uniting, calling for peace. 

Last night, protesters took to the streets Baltimore once again, demanding change and accountability for Gray's death. For the second night, the 10 p.m. city-wide curfew went into effect. And for the second night in a row, a crowd dissipated peacefully, preventing a repeat of Monday's riots.

CNN reports a protest in New York turned out differently. Police said more than 100 people were arrested during a "NYC Rise Up & Shut It Down With Baltimore" rally.

In Denver, police made nine arrests during a similar protest last night. The charges include assault of a police officer, robbery, resisting police, disobedience to lawful orders, obstructing roadways and interference.

And more protests are slated over the next two days in Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, California.

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