It appears that Jeb Bush may have had his eyes closed when he filled out his 2009 Florida voter registration. Although the likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate was born in Texas, it didn’t stop him from marking ‘Hispanic’ as his race. He speaks Spanish fluently and his wife was born in Mexico, so maybe he just got confused and summed he was Hispanic by association.

That’s pretty weird. How could you be a white man and fill out a form calling yourself Hispanic?

I get a great suntan every year down here off the grid. In fact, I'm probably darker than many of the Hispanic and Mexican people who live here. But I know I’m not Hispanic!

How could Jeb Bush make a mistake like that? If you look at his mom and dad, I don’t see much Hispanic in them.

It’s probably much ado about nothing, but if Jeb Bush is going to tell Hispanic people that he’s Hispanic, I don’t think they’re going to buy into that program too well.

One thing I learned is that in order to become a citizen of Mexico, you’ve got to be able to sing the Mexican national anthem. So let's hear you sing, Jeb.

-Jesse Ventura

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