Last week Gov. Jerry Brown ordered the State Water Resources Control Board to enact mandatory cuts in water use by 25 percent. Now, more than 1 million California residents who live in mostly rural areas have unreliable access to safe drinking water. In contrast, an academic study found that the most affluent neighborhoods used up to three times more water than others. In wealthy southern cities such as Malibu and Newport Beach, where people have large front lawns, consumption was more than 560 liters per capita in January.

If Governor Brown is going to put restrictions on water usage, he needs to do it across the board. He needs to tell all the people with swimming pools to drain them.

That’s the weird thing about living in a desert.  Grass doesn’t grow in the desert.  I learned that down here off the grid.  Why would you plant grass if you live in the desert?  It’s not natural to the desert environment.  Therefore, you have to use a vast amount of water to sustain it.

"Since 'God' is in charge of the weather, just say your prayers and all will be well."

At my place where I live, we had patches of grass.  I got rid of them!  I believe this isn't natural to the desert and wastes tons of water.

Let's remember that we’ve got Ted Cruz and James Inhofe; both have told us that “God” will take care of all this.  You don’t need to sweat it because “God” is in charge of the weather.  Just ask the Republicans!

So, bottom line, since “God” is in charge of the weather, just say your prayers and all will be well.

(Of course I’m being very sarcastic there.)

-Jesse Ventura 

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