Electric, renewable energy will change the world in the near future. Tesla's Elon Musk is leading the charge (sorry, couldn't resist).

Elon Musk of Tesla Motors says there's plans for the Tesla Model III. The goal: to build a cheap electric car that the general population can afford. 

Musk recently unveiled his plans for the Model III, which could be available in 2016, but more likely the middle or end of 2017. 

This all-electric car is 20% lighter than the Model S and much cheaper.

And the price? The $35,000 price tag slashes the $60,000+ price of the Model S. 

According to Minds.com, the Model III will charge in just over 25 minutes and run 200 miles. "Tesla is attempting to focus attention on the Model S and the new Model X (Tesla's version of a minivan), because those are the ones you can buy now, but the Model III will be an indisputable game changer."

Elon Musk is also determined to make it possible for homeowners to go off the grid through his latest renewable energy source, the Powerwall battery. 

The battery will hold excess power from solar panels for later use, serve as backup power system, help businesses avoid paying high rates during certain hours of the day and enable utilities to balance supply and demand and maintain the health of the electric grid.

Musk told Forbes.com that there is so much demand for the battery has been overwhelming. "We are basically sold out through the middle of next year,” he explained. 

You can watch real life vigilante Elon Musk discuss the benefits of the Powerwall battery here

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