Maggie Hassan, Governor of New Hampshire, is likely to veto the Cannabis Decriminalization Bill if it makes it through the Senate.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the cannabis decriminalization bill in March. The bill is on its way to the Senate, and then to Governor Maggie Hassan's desk. Seventy-four percent of the House voted in favor of the bill. When the House tried to pass the bill last year, it died in the Senate. However, it's a new year and a new Senate, but the governor might prove to be the biggest obstacle. 

Governor Maggie Hassan has admitted to smoking pot in her college days, but still thinks it should be illegal because federal laws say it's illegal. 

“I was in college. I tried it,” she said to a local paper. “But things have changed. The drug is much more potent now.” 

Last year, the governor signed a measure that allows medical use of marijuana. At the time, Hassan said she was signing the legislation because she was satisfied that medical use would be “appropriately regulated and dispensed.”

The new decriminalization bill will legalize and tax the sale of marijuana to people 21 years of age and older for personal use. The bill would tax wholesale sales at $30 per ounce and retail sales at a rate of 15 percent of the sales price. Supporters have predicted that the “pot tax” would earn the state $26 million to $39 million per year.

Governor Hassan recently told NPR why she is against this bill. You can listen to the full conversation here:

If you live in New Hampshire and you want this legislation to pass, reach out to your Senator here and ask them to support HB618, the cannabis decriminalization bill. 

Former Congressman Barney Frank was the first to propose a bill ending the prohibition on marijuana. Watch his interview on #OffTheGrid here:

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