The vast majority of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s expense account budget went to food and alcohol. Christie gets $95,000 annually for expenses, on top of a $175,000 salary. He’s spent roughly $360,000 from that expense budget, with $300,000 going to food, drinks, and desserts.


I think I got elected governor of the wrong state! I should have run in New Jersey, because those are some perks.

"I’m not surprised most of the money went to food and liquor."

He gets an expense account? I had to pay for every meal my family and I ate at the governor’s residence. It was deducted out of my paycheck. I had mileage taken off of my governor vehicle to and from the capital because it wasn’t considered part of the workday. When I offered to drive my own private car they wouldn’t let me because it didn’t have the same safety features.

It seems like Chris Christie gets to live a life of leisure. I’m not surprised most of the money went to food and liquor. Look at him!

-Jesse Ventura

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