A local news reporter, Steve Wilson of Watchdog.org, reveals shocking details regarding a brand new police station, allegedly funded by “the civil forfeitures of property and cash seized during traffic stops.”

Police claim the forfeitures were seized off suspected drug runners in the city of Richland, MS.Currently, the state of Mississippi does not require police to collect or report any data on the forfeiture use or proceeds.

According to Wilson’s reporting, property owners in Mississippi can be acquitted during criminal proceeding, but “still loose their property since those claims are not contested in civil court, where the burden of proof is on the property owner, not the state.The state also doesn’t require police to collect or report data on forfeiture use or proceeds.” 

Furthermore, Wilson’s research on how much the police have raked in can be startling.It must be noted that Richland, MS, is a town of 7,000-plus.Among Wilson's findings are the following numbers:

- 2014: Richland’s police interdiction team seized $506,400 in cash and property
- 2014: The city reported $400,000 in revenue from fines and costs
- 2013: The department seized more than $1.2 Million in cash and property.

Mayor Mark Scarborough and his police chief, WR “Russel” James, believe they’re giving the taxpayer a bargain.Do you agree vigilant viewers? Sound off below. 

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