A North Carolina man claims he was arrested for filming police, following an altercation at a local Wake Forest bar.  The police department tells local news outlets that the officer in question has "been dealt with," but would not comment further on the case.

WARNING: Video contains offensive language

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Robert Johnson told local news station ABC11 he was recording police after their arrival at a local bar where a friend got in an altercation with the staff, back in February.  

He claims he kept a "safe distance - just videotaping," before an officer told him they would take his phone. 

Johnson reported to ABC11: "He said that he needed my phone for evidence cause I was videotaping the arrest, but I know that wasn't right, so I kept taping."  

The officer allegedly took his phone: "He grabbed my other hand that was not in a cast and twisted it back and was trying to slam me on my face which eventually happened."  

In the video, you can hear someone ask Johnson -- reportedly that same officer -- "how do you stop your phone?"  

Johnson was then arrested for resisting and obstructing an arrest.  A spokesperson for the police department reportedly acknowledged the officer made a mistake, but offered no further details.  Johnson's charges were eventually dropped and he got his cell phone back.  Yet, as he was already on probation following a 2013 assault, the arrest still shows up online.  He tells ABC11: "It looks bad if I try to get a job, I go to school, it just ruins a reputation...you should never get your phone taken or taken to jail just for videotaping an arrest."  

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