Baltimore lieutenant Brian Rice, who has been charged with manslaughter over Gray’s death, was disciplined over incidents and twice had guns confiscated.

Brian Rice, the Baltimore police lieutenant charged with the manslaughter of Freddie Gray, threatened to kill himself and the husband of his ex-girlfriend, according to The Guardian. These incidents led to him being disciplined and twice having his guns confiscated.

Rice was the very officer who pursued and arrested Freddie Gray because Gray "caught his eye." 

Rice was given an administrative suspension after being hospitalized for a mental health evaluation when he warned he was preparing to shoot himself in April 2012.

When he threatened to kill himself, Rice was in possession of his police service weapon, his personal 9mm handgun, two rifles and two shotguns. These were all confiscated from him when he was admitted into a mental hospital for treatment.

The Guardian reports that "Rice, 41, also received an internal discipline when a judge granted a temporary restraining order against him after a request from Andrew McAleer, the husband of Karyn McAleer, who is the mother of Rice’s young son and a fellow Baltimore police officer. Rice has been married to and divorced from two further women, according to court records." 

You can read the court documents here

Once Rice was out of the mental hospital, he continued to harass Karyn and Andrew McAleer, to the point that they feared for their lives.

Lieutenant Rice asked one of his young children to take a photo of his ex-girlfriend (the child's mother) with Andrew Mclear so he can use the photo as target practice. Rice also sent harassing and sexually explicit text messages on his police issued blackberry to Karyn McAleer. 

These actions led to a court order for Rice to stay away from the Mclears' home and work, which the police lieutenant ignored. He was charged again with a restraining order in January 2013. 

Since Lieutenant Rice could be that dangerous to himself, to the mother of his children, and to a fellow police officer, one can only imagine what he is capable of doing to a stranger, like Freddie Gray.

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