Mexico's ruling party has lost seats in congress but may gain a majority from its coalition with the small but growing Green Party that was everywhere during the campaign, according to official voting trends released by the electoral institute. Voters also elected Mexico's first independent governor Jamie Rodriguez, after a reform allowing unaffiliated candidates, a move seen as a jolt to all political parties.


I think this is wonderful. Mexico is leading the United States in a lot of things right now.This should be an embarrassment to our country.

"They’re doing the right thing and taking care of the Earth the way it ought to be."

One of the places where Mexico is really stepping up is their attitude towards the environment. I’ve spent half of a year for the past 9 years down in Mexico. I’m seeing the results of what they’re doing. They're taking the environment very seriously and doing everything they can to limit pollution down there. They’re taking care of the Earth the way it ought to be.

This also shows that they’re opening up their political process, allowing other candidates to be part of the game. It’s not just the established parties anymore. Hopefully, the U.S. will learn a thing or two from Mexico.

-Jesse Ventura 

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