The Obama administration says the Trans Pacific Partnership is good for everyone, but leaked transcripts reveal that the TPP is probably only good for corporations, especially when it comes to public health. 

WikiLeaks has just published several leaked chapters of the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership. We've covered how the deal gives corporations the right to sue nations but we haven't yet talked about how the deal will affect public health.  

One of the chapters published by WikiLeaks shows how the TPP allegedly harms the health of the public by benefiting big pharma. Democracy Now reports that basically, the deal would weaken healthcare programs by preventing Congress from passing drug cost reforms while allowing pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of the patent system to profit massively

Currently, drug patents last 20 years. This means when a new drug is patented no other company can produce it in generic form until the patent sunsets, 20 years down the line. So for those 20 years, whatever drug company manufactures the product, that company will be cashing in big time because it's the only one that has the drug. The TPP will reportedly allow drug companies to evergreen their patents and double them by basically cheating the system. 

By making slight modifications to drugs, pharma companies will be able to get a new  20 year patent. This means the general public is looking at rising drug costs in the future. I believe this is not only a deal bad for the public, but also bad for the industry. If passed, the TPP will stifle competition in the drug market. 

In America, most affordable health insurance plans don't cover the cost of brand name drugs. Why in the hell would the Obama administration, which has fought so hard to get affordable healthcare, go and undo all of its progress by implementing such a dangerous trade deal? 

Oh, yeah. For that money. 

Keep in mind, this deal doesn't only affect Americans. It affects other countries that do business with the eleven nations in treaty, many of which have high poverty rates, in which people rely on generic drugs to  survive. The TPP is putting the entire world at risk, all in the name of securing 40% of the world's GDP. 

If you want to get involved to try and stop this bad deal, call your local representatives and tell them to vote "no" on these trade deals. Time is running out, so act fast. You can find details on how to stop the TPP here

Sound off on this issue below. We want to know how you feel about the secrecy behind this deal. 

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