A 192-page document was leaked by the Italian magazine L'Espresso.  It's a very-anticipated encyclical on climate change, on behalf of Pope Francis.  This would be the Pope's first major letter on the effects of global warming.

Pope Francis is gearing up this week to announce for changes in energy consumption and how climate change directly affects the poor.  

A leaked draft of Francis' encyclical (ie, the papal papal newsletter that goes out to all the bishops of the church) was obtained by L'Espresso.  MotherJones is reporting that the Pope is calling for a new worldwide authority tasked with "tackling...the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions."  The Pope will also allegedly make the statement that climate change is mostly a man-made problem.  

Here we have the official leader of the Catholic Church endorsing science.  And yet, in the United States, we seem to continue to elect political leaders who have a difficult time believing that climate change is, in fact, a reality. 

What gives, vigilant viewers?  Sound off below.  

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