Veteran Tyler Truitt of Huntsville, Alabama is doing his part to help the environment by living off the grid in a trailer with its own solar panels, composting toilet, and rainwater catcher with his girlfriend. But instead of being celebrated as a clean-energy trailblazer, he is being taken to court by the city.

Al.Com reports: 

"[Truitt] was cited in late March for violating a Huntsville zoning rule that prohibits trailers outside of mobile home parks. Then on May 12, the Community Development Department condemned the trailer as unsafe because the electrical, plumbing and heating and systems do not meet city building codes. City officials said Truitt also never applied for the necessary permits.

Truitt and Hamar were ordered to leave and given until June 1 to bring the trailer up to code.

But the couple has not left the trailer -- and does not intend to. Truitt said he considers staying put an act of civil disobedience while he fights the city's claims."

What do you guys think about the city trying to take his home away? Sound off in the comments section below! 

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