Colorado’s high court rules employees can be fired for smoking pot when they’re not at work. The decision came nine months after the state's highest court heard oral arguments in Brandon Coats' case against Dish Network. Coats became quadriplegic in a car accident and used marijuana to control leg spasms. He had a medical marijuana card and consumed pot off-duty. He was fired in 2010 after failing a random drug test.


Would they have fired him if he were on any other medication besides marijuana? Of course not.

If it comes from big pharma, it’s all-good in the eyes of the Feds. If you grow it yourself, you’ve got to put up with these idiotic laws. It’s just horrible that this cost a man his job. If the Federal Government didn’t have these anti-marijuana laws then this whole thing wouldn’t stand up. They would have to abide by the laws of Colorado.

"We need to repeal these laws at the Federal Level and leave the choice up to the states."

This is all because the Federal Government still sees marijuana as being in the same class as heroin. Are you kidding me? Marijuana is less dangerous than caffeine and yet caffeine is in just about everything we buy. It’s these archaic laws that are the problem. We need to repeal these laws at the Federal Level and leave the choice up to the states.

-Jesse Ventura

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