The food giant has already taken out artificial ingredients from 60 percent of its cereals, replacing them with fruit and vegetable juices and natural vanilla.

The CEO of General Mills has declared that by 2017, there will no longer be artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients in its cereal. 

The cereal giant claims that this change will not affect the customer's wallet, and prices will remain the same. 

USA Today reports: 

Artificial ingredients are already absent from 60% of General Mills cereals, the company said. They either never had them or they were already replaced.General Mills plans to have more than 90% of the cereal portfolio will be artificial-free by the end of 2016, with 100% free by the end of 2017. 

Last week the company was in the spotlight thanks to the Food and Drug Administration's announcement that food manufacturers must get rid of trans fats by 2018. General Mills' brands include Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, whose baking mixes and frosting tubs include partially hydrogenated oil, the primary contributor to trans-fat consumption.

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