The Senate overwhelmingly voted Tuesday to end the National Security Agency's controversial bulk collection of the phone data of millions of Americans who have no ties to terrorism.

This is outstanding! This surveillance program is against the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. It should end.

Yet we all know they’re not going to give up on it overnight. Once the government has its hands on something, it will be very reluctant to give it up. It may take some time. Congress is so dysfunctional that we can’t expect them to actually get something done in a reasonable amount of time.

"Freedom is always worth fighting for."

Now they’re going to try and find loopholes anywhere they can to keep us under surveillance. Just check out the latest reports on the FBI's plane surveillance program. People are still going to have to fight for our Constitutional rights. It’s going to be a difficult fight, but freedom is always worth fighting for.

-Jesse Ventura

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