One London man set up an Indiegogo account with the hope of bailing out the European country.  Greece is reportedly set to default on its $1.7 billion debt payment today.

Greece is hungry for cash.  (Who isn't?)

But one London man believes that he can do his part and help the struggling country put some money in its pocket.  

Thom Feeney is just 29-years-old.  He lives in Bethnal Green, London.  He currently works in a shoe shop.  He set up a crowdfunding page for the country through the site  So far, he's managed to raise €219,000 of the €1.6 billion goal.  As he states, it might seem like a lot but "it's only just over €3 from each European.  That's the same as half a pint in London."  The donation prizes vary: for a €6 pledge, you'll receive a Greek Feta and Olive salad, but for a €5,000 pledge, you'll earn a Greek holiday for two.  

Image courtesy: @ThomFeeney

And no, it's not a joke.  In fact, he's taking this very seriously.  He states he's "fed up" with the Greek debt crisis, as it affects "real people."  

So while politicians "are dithering" and "posturing," he thought he'd just take a crack at it.  He's still not sure how the Greek government can accept his money but is looking for qualified people to help him figure it out.  

Not bad for a 29-year-old shoe shop worker, huh?  

What do you think, vigilant viewers?  Think he's onto something?  Should we crowdfund our own debt crisis?   

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