Glenn Ford spent nearly three decades on death row for a murder he did not commit. He battled a terminal cancer diagnosis that, according to his federal lawsuit, went needlessly untreated by prison staff. And he challenged the state of Louisiana over its denial of wrongful conviction and imprisonment compensation.

Now Ford faces a new challenge: he's almost broke.

Back in April, we reported that Glenn Ford received no compensation for being placed on death row for thirty years for a murder he did not commit. You can read that article here

We also mentioned that 65-year-old Glenn Ford is now a free man, but virtually penniless. He was also diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. 

We have now come to find out that Ford is weeks away from exhausting donations that pay for medical care not covered by Medicare and Medicaid, and an online fundraiser has been established to replenish those funds.

The Times-Picayune  reports he is still fighting for compensation for spending all that time in prison: "Ford's petition battle, which has support from the former Caddo Parish prosecutor who helped put him behind bars, continues on appeal."

Yes, you read that right: the prosecutor responsible for putting Glenn Ford on death row is now one of his what gives?

First District Judicial District Court Judge Katherine Clark Dorroh issued a March ruling siding with the attorney general who argued that Ford failed to meet the law's "factually innocent" clause, and this is why he will receive no compensation for the time served. 

"The provision requires petitioners to have not committed the crime for which they were originally convicted, as well as 'any crime based upon the same set of facts' used in the original conviction," states The Times-Picayune. 

Glenn Ford was proven to be innocent of murder, so no one is denying he didn't kill Isadore Rozeman (someone he had done yard work for). But the judge ruled that Ford was aware of the plan to rob Rozeman and failed to stop it, and that Ford also took and sold items stolen during the robbery. 

The Times-Picayne reports: "The judge also ruled that Ford tried to find buyers for the weapon used in Rozeman's murder, and that he tried to hinder the police investigation by initially giving a false name for the man he later fingered in the killing."

Ford continues to petition the State of Louisiana for wrongful conviction and imprisonment compensation. According to his federal lawsuit, Ford was diagnosed with cancer while he was in prison, but the prison staff didn't provide treatment. Who knows what his medical condition would be like today had he not been wrongfully convicted of murder.

What do you think? Should Glenn Ford be given compensation for the time he spent on death row?  Sound off below.

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