Pop culture is having a field day with Donald Trump's presidential campaign. 


It’s said that it is considered an honor to be a featured on The Simpsons no matter what the context. Actors and public figures have even been known to humiliate themselves by playing themselves in unflattering situations. Something tells me that Mr. Trump isn’t going to find anything honorable about his appearance in a recent clip released by The Simpsons creators.

It’s amazing how many jabs at the Donald they were able to fit into the short one and half minute clip. While the main butt of the joke is Mr. Trump’s famous toupee, there are also references to his alleged paying actors to appear at his campaign launch, being fired by NBC and Macy’s, and even his divorces.

Watch the clip for yourself and see how many Donald jokes you can spot. I’m sure that by the time you’re finished watching it, he will have announced that he’s suing Fox, Matt Groening, and Homer Simpson himself. 


-Saher Khalil - OTG Team

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