The FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Army have all reportedly bought controversial software that allows users to take remote control of suspects’ computers, recording their calls, emails, keystrokes and even activating their cameras. 

I think it’s a violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It makes it to where we should just burn the Bill of Rights, because obviously the Fourth Amendment—reasonable search and seizure, and the fact that you ought to have a warrant—just doesn’t apply anymore. 

I think it’s pathetic if they’re allowed to intercept everyone’s e-mail. It’s exactly what the United States of America has always been against. 

I would ask all the people who work in these agencies: when you go home at night take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, am I abiding by the Constitution of the United States of America? Or am I ignoring it?

-Jesse Ventura

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