Looks like Colorado's marijuana tax incentive for schools just set records and has collected more money in the first half of the year than all of 2014.  

Local news outlet KOAA out Colorado are reporting that the state has hit record highs in regards to marijuana tax incentives for school construction.  

KOAA reports that the first five months of 2015 alone have surpassed all of 2014.  

So far, the tax collections have reached $13.7 million by May 2015.  In comparison, the incentive only brought in $13.3 million for 2014.  

The Denver Post claims that the jump is due in part because there are more dispensaries in Colorado, on top of the fact that these stores benefitted from a one-time tax-exempt transfer.  

However, analysts believe it's unlikely the state will reach its $40 million goal for the year, but it's a promising start.

What do you make of this vigilant viewers?  Think 2016 presidential candidates will now jump on board because of the good news?  

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