Surprise, surprise. Donald Trump said something offensive again and it's making headlines.


Maybe Donald Trump hasn’t realized that he's running for president: it often seems like he forgets that every word out of his mouth will bescrutinized.

In record fashion, Trump has turned many Republicans against him by stating that Sen. John McCain was “not a war hero.” Sarcastically, or so it seemed, Trump added, “He’s a war hero because he was captured.” Then, he added, “I like people that weren’t captured.”

What makes these comments somewhat senseless is that Trump reportedly avoided the Vietnam draft by receiving 4 deferments! According to the Smoking Gun, Trump allegedly obtained his first two Class 2-S student deferments in June 1964 and December 1965, when he was student at Fordham University in the Bronx. Another 2-S deferment is reportedly dated January 16, 1968, just months before his graduation from UPenn. On October 15, the site claims his classification was switched to 1-Y, which was given to men deemed qualified for military service “only in time of national emergency.” Trump’s 1-Y classification stayed in effect until February 1, 1972 when it was changed to a 4-F classification (which covered registrants not qualified for military service).

One could make the assessment that Trump pulled every string he could to make sure he never had to serve one day in the military. So, although he doesn’t think McCain is a war hero, he should rest easy knowing that the words “warhero” will never be associated with his own name.

-Saher Khalil: OTG Team

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