A new $14.7 million military warehouse facility in Afghanistan was left empty because the intended occupants, the Defense Logistics Agency, had already ended their mission in Kandahar. However, construction continued for six months after the fact that it would no longer be needed. Instead, the military added $400,000 of modifications to the buildings knowing it would never be used, SIGAR wrote in a report.


Imagine the outcry from the politicians if they found out the government had given a few million dollars to poor people who weren’t qualified to get welfare. Fox News would be outraged!And every news agency in America would be on board.

When you hear about wasteful spending like this on war, everyone just shrugs it off. These wars have been the biggest detriment to our economy, to our life and to everything we know about the United States of America. It's a prime example.You talk about wasted money, well there ya have it. 

Nobody’s head will roll for this. They’ll be more worried about Hillary’s e-mails.

-Jesse Ventura

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