NY Daily News posted a surveillance video of a Brooklyn grocery store that captures two NYPD officers beating 24-year-old Thomas Jennings with his hands up in surrender.


A surveillance video published by Daily News shows 24-year-old Thomas Jennings leaning on a counter of a Brooklyn grocery store on July 7th when NYPD officer Lenny Lutchman approaches him from behind and starts shoving his chest and grabbing his wrists.

Jennings appears to raise both his hands in surrender. As you can see in the video, officer Lutchamn’s partner Pearce Martinez seems to appear out of nowhere and land a punch to Jennings’ head. As both officers continue to beat on him, Jennings never fights back. Instead he gets handcuffed and hit more in the process.

Jennings was charged with robbery and held without bail for nearly a week. Prosecutors released him after declining to present the case to a grand jury.

Why did all this happen, you might ask? Jennings and another man allegedly stole a $3 slice of pizza and salt and pepper shakers at knifepoint.

Watch the surveillance footage of the beating here, via the New York Daily News:

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