A program specialist at the VA enrollment center in Atlanta says 34,000 veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan lost their eligibility for healthcare after the VA sat on their applications until they expired.

Everyone said these wars weren’t like Vietnam. They’re identical. When the veterans come home they’re forgotten about and cheated.

We do all this “rah-rah” for our veterans at stadiums and thank them for their service. Yet, on the dark flip side they lose their benefits.

We really don’t take care of them when they come home. Now, we as civilians have to donate money to take care of the veterans who work for our government. The same veterans who George Bush and Dick Cheney sent to these unjust wars based on lies.

All you young people out there: think about it for a moment. When they make these grandiose promises to you about all the things you’ll get for being a veteran, be prepared to cut them in half. You’ll be lucky if you see half the benefits that they promise you before.

-Jesse Ventura

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