The reports are in: Bernie Sanders is gaining against Hillary Clinton in early polls.  The 2016 hopeful is earning early praise from liberal media pundits and people are flocking from around the country to see him as he hits the campaign trail.

The Associated Press is reporting that Sanders is gaining against Clinton in early polls.  

A Suffolk University poll in June stated that Bernie Sanders has the support of 31% of likely Democratic primary voters, only 10% behind Clinton at 41%.  And Time reports that his polling numbers in the key states of Iowa and New Hampshire show is just a few paces behind Clinton.

Not only that, during a visit to Wisconsin, Sanders drew the largest crowd of any presidential campaign in this cycle so far: 10,000 people gathered at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Madison, drawing near capacity at the venue.  

And you know what?  Sanders has only been campaigning for six weeks. 

Should Hillary be concerned?  Sound off below. 

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