The alleged shooting death of a San Francisco woman has fueled a fresh round of fierce debate over U.S. immigration policies as new details in the investigation add another dimension to the discussion.

The mainstream media is tying Kate Steinle’s alleged murder to Donald Trump’s comments on illegal immigrants due to the following information reported by the media on the case:

  • Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the man who allegedly shot Kate Steinle, is reportedly an illegal immigrant with a felony record that has been deported to Mexico five times.
  • Federal records show that he has a criminal history dating to 1991, which includes seven nonviolent felony convictions, including four narcotics charges.
  • Lopez-Sanchez reportedly told police he was in San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city he knew he wouldn’t be deported from.
  • Various media sources have reported that Lopez-Sanchez had at one point confessed to killing Steinle in police testimony, saying it was an accident. An article by USA Today states,

“[Lopez-Sanchez] said that he found the gun, wrapped in a T-shirt, under a bench and that it went off three times when he picked it up. He said he then kicked the gun into San Francisco Bay and walked off, not knowing he had shot someone until police arrested him an hour later on a nearby street corner. He reportedly first told police he had been shooting at sea lions. Lopez-Sanchez also told an interviewer he was high on sleeping pills and marijuana at the time.”

  • Despite his earlier verbal confession, Lopez-Sanchez has pleaded not guilty in court. At this point he has only been charged, not yet convicted as the case is still underway.

What do you guys think? Does Lopez-Sanchez fit Donald Trump’s description about illegal immigrants not being Mexico’s best?

Some other facts:

Why was it wrapped in a T-shirt? Which agent did the gun belong to? Has anyone questioned this agent yet?

“Sources told the San Francisco Chronicle that the weapon, a .40-caliber pistol, was the agent’s personal firearm and had been stolen in a downtown auto burglary not long before the shooting.”

  • Autopsy reports state that bullets from the gun had struck Kate Steinle in the back.
  • Kate Steinle has no connection to Lopez-Sanchez. She was reportedly posing for a photo with her father at the time when she was shot.
  • Police say she and Lopez-Sanchez had never exchanged words and that the shooting appears to be random.
  • According to USA Today, Sanchez has expressed guilt over the incident.

“Speaking Spanish, Lopez-Sanchez told KGO he wants the harshest punishment so he can tell Steinle’s parents in court that he ‘no longer wants to live.’”

Yes, Sanchez was in the country illegally, but do you believe his side of the story? Could the tragedy really be a fluke accident? Sound off below. 

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