Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to make election a day a holiday, suggesting that it could make it easier to vote. He's also introduced legislation that would automatically register 18-year-olds to vote, and said last week that he intends to offer legislation that would allow public financing of campaigns.

These are all good ideas for the most part. Although, I have my doubts about making Election Day a holiday because by federal law your boss has to give you time to go vote. So you have the ability to vote if you take the initiative.

Making Election Day a holiday seems nice, but would it really get more people to vote? People would have to prove that they voted otherwise many would just take the day off and not bother voting. They would probably go fishing!

You can’t tell me the reason that 64% of the American people didn’t vote in the last election was because they didn’t have the day off. There’s more to it than just simply making it a holiday.

-Jesse Ventura 

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